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PET flakes to fiber making project

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Suresh sureshdevula

PET flakes to fiber making project

01/08/2019 at 17:45

The amazing transformation of plastic bottles into polyester fiber, used as insulation for clothes.
and other machines

please provide this type of machine (prototype).

100% Mexican technology created by ecological research and recycling for the manufacture of pet fiber in order to generate sources of work and eliminate part of the pollution caused by the lack of Mexican technologies for the recycling of pet, this fiber can be used as Raw material for the furniture industry, mattress, stuffed animals, construction panels and the manufacture of quilts, covers and mattresses for the benefit of indigenous communities, this type of fiber is one of the most ecological materials since it does not produce bacteria and the production of mites Being a synthetic material and its main quality is its great thermal capacity in substitution of many previously used materials such as the ganzo pen and finally it is an excellent material that can be used in the packaging industry.

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