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Harsha Mamnani harshamamnani


25/02/2017 at 07:50

Wanna know about releasing date of this unique phone i.e. phoneblock.

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In reply to: PHONEBLOCK

24/08/2017 at 00:31

I love the idea but I doubt any big player will make the concept a reality. It is bad business for them. Each year they get to “cell” us a new device. If each year we only upgrade 1 or 2 components even if it is the cpu they loose billions. They like selling me 3 cameras each year. It doesn’t matter I will never use any of them. I would love to see it happen and everytime Qualcomm released a new chip I would buy it and as much LPDDR4X as I could cram in its cube. Google would make very little money from that. I would buy a new battery every 18 months or when you added induction charging or something as good as DASH from OnePlus. I would buy 2 displays so I could use the 1080p when away from home and the 4x when at home. Unfortunately for manufacturers I would still be spending far less each year than I am currently forced to do. Love the idea. I hope it soars. It is too bad LG & Samsung already have phone lines. Maybe Visio would be willing to rebrand parts like they do LG panels. They could buy everything, rebrand it charge extra and I would still spend less over time. You need a industry outsider that wants in if this is truly going to be modular cubes. Otherwise we end up with what Motorola already offers, garbage.

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