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PID anr SSR wiring… need help

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Erwin Kurnia erwin-kurnia

PID anr SSR wiring… need help

11/07/2020 at 02:00

hi all

first of all..sorry for my bad english,

i just bought PID and SSR, and wiring them, it is on and connected well,

i set the temperature to 45 degree for testing and starting to heat the thermocouple with hairdryer until it reach to 45,

it triggered alarm inducator and lamp in the ssr but why it not turn off the lamp ?

i’m trying to search google for the right wiring but still no luck, yesterday when u tryed one wiring diagram, even make the electricity in my house black out because the electricity shortcut.

SSR-40 DA with PID REX-C100FK02-V*AN

I need your help guys, thanks alot.

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11/07/2020 at 05:33

It is difficult to see your wiring in the photo. This discussion may help you.

11/07/2020 at 06:12

sorry my bad, this is the wiring diagram that i’d try, none of them works.. i’ve visit the link you gave me but, still don’t have a clue what is the problem

11/07/2020 at 06:56

this is my wiring setup, is it correct ? should i set some value in the PID for some parameter ?

11/07/2020 at 07:35

It is hard to tell, but if the white wires are going to your load, it looks like you have going and returning to the same connection (1) on the PID, instead of what is shown in your second diagram.

If that is the common online  PID bundle, with the BERM brand PID, I don’t think there are any PID parameters to adjust. But you don’t need to for this.

11/07/2020 at 10:24

OK, it’s working well now, i got the right wiring schema in this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYyAA6mnTPo

and some modification in the parameter, CoD and SL 6

Thanks for your reply

11/07/2020 at 20:53

— deleted —

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