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PLA & other bioplastics

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Nicolas imuh

PLA & other bioplastics

30/03/2018 at 09:31

Hey everyone !

So i’ve been reading tons of documents related to plastic theses past weeks and started to look a bit deeper in biodegradable plastics.

Of what i understand, what make the solidity and the lifespan (500years) is the hard polymere bounds made by petrol (please correct my ignorance)

Bioplastic would have the petrol replaced by other biosources (eg. starch).

My question is then the following, could we by any way put some “bio additives” to give biodegradibility properties to the recycling process?

Maybe by using a mix to add in the hopper whilst using extruding machine?

Idea might seem totally unrealistic; as my father used to say; “let the dreamers dream”. So be it ! Help my dream come true or break it !

Looking forward to read pro talk on the subject !

Love from france,

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02/04/2018 at 12:18

Ok! as i understand. biodegradenble Plastic could be rycle by nature and quick.
first of all we should konw is it realy recycling without any byprodacts or it is only breaking whole product into microplastic?
This question is inportant because micro plastic is more dangerous than macro plastic.
Because macro you could see and gather it to recycle. and micro you can’t see. it is hiden danger.

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