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Plastic bags. HDPE or LDPE?

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Taras petrowitch89

Plastic bags. HDPE or LDPE?

30/08/2017 at 11:40

Hello there!
I have found some interesting thing.
Plastic bags are made of PE it is True.But some of them are made from -HD some -LD. Could some one plz say how to realize exect plastic type bag is made from.

Is there a big chemical difference between this type of plastics? Or difference is only in preasure.
Could we combine this types? whould it be recycable?

Some people here as @riceandcarry @bjornsteinar working with fused plastic bags. Do you have any idea?

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30/08/2017 at 13:05

There are many different types of PE, from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight) to VLDPE (very low density) and about half a dozen in between. It’s all to do with the length and shape (branching) of the polymer chains, but it’s all just polyethylene. Heating and extruding it can also disrupt the molecular structure, so even if you start with pure HDPE you are unlikely to end up with pure HDPE.


31/08/2017 at 09:35

Thanks! everything is clear now.

02/09/2017 at 14:01

@petrowitch89 Hi, the overwhelming majority of plastic shopping bags is LDPE. If you want to fuse them together in a heat press like we do you will notice an HDPE bag because it will not fuse with the others as it would need a higher temperature to melt. So the HDPE bag will just peel of the LDPE bag again.
But if we talk the standard plastic bag you will hardly ever come across an HDPE bag ever. It id more expensive to produce I guess and used for shampoo bottles and the like.
Best regards from Sri Lanka

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