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plastic bricks for architcture

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albane duclos albaneduclos

plastic bricks for architcture

10/02/2019 at 12:21

hello everybody,
I am a french student in architecture and for my studie I am working on a plastic brick that can be use for the construction of houses. This brick has to resist a bit more against fire. Do you think I can add in the process of the compression sand into the mixture ? If yes when and how ? is it going to damage the machine ?
My bricks we’ll be in HDPE for the record 🙂
Thanks a million for those who will read and answer !

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22/03/2019 at 03:34

Hi Albane,
good luck, nice project! 🙂
while waiting fir some more competent contributions on the topic, here a fee notes.
useful link, even if you probably have it already:
you can mix sand, but I do not think it will do a great job as other additives like Aluminium or magnesium hydroxide, phosphorous, etc.
i have to check better but I think that some natural carbonates may do the job as they would produce CO2 during thermal degradation diluting combustion gas and extinguishing fire.
What I have to check is the degradation temperature, because if it is lower than processing temperature,they will simply foam up your material while processing, useful if your target is to make it soft or to reduce density, but not as a flame retardant.

however, for replying to your question, yes, you can add sand and yes, it will damage your equipment as it is thin, but harder than many metals. Which “sand” do you have in mind?
some coral sand may work, maybe shells’ sand, etc.

does this help a bit…?

28/03/2019 at 17:24

Ciao Albane,
I’ve found this video:

What you mean is something like this but with plastic’s materials?
This is a great idea to recicle a huge quantity..
In your studies what kind of plastic you suggest to use?

28/03/2019 at 17:36

i am also waiting for peer reviewed articles on the subject. there is project running in the Philippines whose mixing additives into the plastic. They didn’t respond for details about the process or the substances being added. I am also wondering what happens to the electric properties of plastic during the process; I don’t think the plastic static charges go away so easily or at all. It’s pretty bad for the human body, same issues can be found with the new 5G  madness.

To me plastic is a no-go same as certain types of concrete when it comes to housing.

29/03/2019 at 13:02

@pporg take a look on these techniques:

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