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Plastic Film for Palletising in Packaging

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Plastic Film for Palletising in Packaging

03/02/2020 at 13:27

Most companies are specialist in economic and quality packaging solutions wellpackeurope.com for your shipments or for securing your goods in your warehouses. Because we want to satisfy all of our customers, we are committed to respecting the highest standards of quality and service in order to meet all of the needs of professionals and individuals. You will find in particular a large choice of plastic films to protect your pallets, cartons and other packaging wellpackeurope.com/cardboard-boxes-double-wall.The plastic film considered essential to his expeditions. Plastic Film – To protect your pallets from dust, rain …The use of plastic film or a pallet cover is recommended for professionals and individuals who wish to protect their shipments on pallets simply and with great efficiency. The other advantage of using plastic film is that it perfectly protects your cartons from dust and humidity during their quad shipment while they are on a pallet. Note that the transparent or black plastic film is available in 30 microns and in several dimensions.Plastic film – Ideal for protecting your packaging in your warehouses As soon as you have a large warehouse with a large number of pallets, the plastic film or pallet cover becomes essential for professionals. The little “plus” of black opaque film is that it protects light-sensitive goods and keeps them away from prying eyes. The color plastic film is available in black.Plastic film or pallet cover – To protect your consignments and packaging quickly and economicallyThe plastic film thus appears to be the most effective and most economical for the protection of your goods on your pallets during transport, or during storage in your warehouse.This type of protection is generally used by professionals carrying out daily goods shipments.Complementary products are also available in the market to accompany your plastic film : pallets , adhesive tapes , cardboard packaging , etc.

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