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Plastic gluing on compression machine

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MARTIN martin571mines

Plastic gluing on compression machine

23/06/2018 at 00:43

The plastic that I use in my mold for the compression machine sticks on the metal faces of my mold
How can I fix this problem?
Thanks for your help

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23/06/2018 at 02:14

Hello @martin571mines and welcome to Precious Plastic 🙂
One way mold makers avoid adherence is by polising the mold plates as much as possible to reduce any surface roughness, this helps to extract the injected plastic parts without troubles.

I suggest you to buy some Car polish (Meguiars or any other brand) and polish your mold on the inside. The wax will prevent plastic from sticking.

Another problem might be a lack of sprues on your mold, which cause the plastic part to get stuck not because of adherence, but because of the vacuum forces that are created in a thight space.

If you want to use a professional product made specifically for this purpose then look on Amazon for “Mold Release”, they are sold in spray cans or in paste form and are designed specifically to prevent plastic and epoxy resin from sticking to the mold, but you could try using car wax and see if that works for you, which is much cheaper and available everywhere

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