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Plastic Partner in Miami

Matthew matubbesinggmail-com

Plastic Partner in Miami

06/11/2019 at 21:46

Hi, I’m in Miami, I have a small shop I’m renting- about 9×22’- have been collecting all the plastic I use, watching the occasional Plastics video, and seeking a partner to take it to the next level. I’m willing to make any recycled product that looks like it will turn a profit relatively quick, and can be made in this shop or whatever space anyone else may have, with machines we can afford to buy or build. What I’d like to do is try to make guitar bodies, buy the necks and electronics, assemble and sell. I haven’t researched this, and there are million different things we could do, so I’m not marries to this idea. Let me know if you want to try anything; we at least have space to start, whatever we decide.Thanks, Matthew 786-337-0565.

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