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Plastic paver block

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Leonard Frans Ardianto feransye

Plastic paver block

15/06/2019 at 05:47

Hello my friends, my name is Frans and I am from Indonesia.
Few days ago I do some research about paver block made from sand and plastic, and I already search from Internet. There are many research about that, so I make one sample of paver blocks.

I use traditional way to make that, with using cooking utensil and “cook” the plastic until melt, and then add the sands and stirs it up with the composition 1:3, 1 for plastic and 3 for sands. I use hpde plastic bags and common sands.

The results is good enough, later i will test it in the labs for the compressive strength.

Maybe anybody have idea to make paver block machine to be efficient and productive?

Please help me if you have any idea about the effective machine

Thanks a lot

Leonard Frans
Surabaya, Indonesia

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In reply to: Plastic paver block

15/06/2019 at 09:05

Very nice!
Do you by any chance have a video of your process?

There are some related topics on the forum that might be helpfull:
Project Kamp: Sustainable Construction Methods
Plastic Bricks
or just do a general search for ‘bricks’ on the forum

I think yours are the best I have seen so far, so please also share your topic elsewhere on the forum!
And do share more information! I’m looking into making ‘plastic’ garden tiles myself…

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