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plastic products candidates ?

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plastic products candidates ?

30/05/2018 at 11:08

We’re about to complete a little network for the north part of Spain (Catalonia). So far there will be 2 precious plastic stations (shredding, extrusion) and 2 machining centers, one for wood and one for metal.
That are stand-alone projects working via p2p with each other. As next step we are looking now into suitable products which are easy to produce, at ‘mass’. Now taking all the resources into account, I spotted so far these candidates :

motor couplings : recycled plastic and aluminum, currently designed to be machined with CNC but later via molds. the products are intended to be sold via Ebay resellers. These are relative expensive items, mostly used for 3D-printers and CNC machines. profit margin is up to 50%
cable insulation slicks: currently unclear how to extrude plastic slicks. that can be also expensive items, around 4-6 euro per meter.
screw caps: these items are also easy to produce
– stock plastic: bars, cylinders, etc… Meant to be sold to product creators

If you have more ideas, let us know here or commit to our Github repository. All these products are designed with open source in mind and we maintain documentation on GitHub here. Further more we also document found traders in south Europe and eventually we can hook up your production in the network created.

If you need help with designing/production/machining molds, let us know too. We’re primarily interested to have ready-to-go instructions for the precious plastic community, aiming at doing business.  With some luck, we also have legal help and can provide an umbrella ‘business entity’ for Spain, using cooperative integral structures/network, mainly for billing and paper work (this works here already in Catalonia for small entrepreneurs in general. The items are then sold here on the bazar at lower prices, and in an upcoming Ebay store outlet to reach more clients worldwide.

thanks in advance,
kind regards,

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