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plastic recycling machines

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Edgar edmund edgaredmund

plastic recycling machines

07/12/2017 at 14:10

hello every one my name is edgar from tanzania i am aged 17 and i own a green venture that recycles plastics into building materials but i have a problem with the extruder i need an extruder that can extrude much plastics and mix with other ingridients

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07/12/2017 at 16:45


Hi Edgar. Good to see you already doing something good for the environment. Could you please be more specific in what you want.

Like for example, what sort of other materials are you going to mix the plastic with?
Have you tried the regular extruder design?
What sort of building materials are you making? Like beams, flat / circular bars?

Drop in more info, so that people could give you a better advice.
Meanwhile, please use our SEARCH function to check out the existing topics related to extruder / recycling machines.

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