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Plastic Sourcing Map

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Plastic Sourcing Map

09/01/2019 at 19:02

I am not sure if this topic or suggestion has been covered. I was at a clothing store the other day and during check out I asked if we can keep the hangers. They were made of number 4 plastic. The cashier said “yes, we just throw them out cause its cheaper than recycling”. I found out they throw out about 3-5 garbage bags full of hangers a week.  They are open to giving us the weekly haul of hangers. The hangers will make great raw material since they require less processing before shredding.

So my topic is about sourcing plastic. I would like to suggest that the precious plastics map add a layer where people can drop pins for stores or business that are willing to part with their plastic waste . The map can also allow business to add themselves.

The pin can have the amount and type of plastic they can provide.

The pin can also contain any policies or requirement the business has in collecting the plastic,

I believe we would also need to know which members are currently collecting the plastic so we do not overlap on the same businesses or annoy them.

Members can ask stores as they do their shopping, best bet is to speak to a store manager. Both parties can benefit, the business will get rid of waste for free and the member can get raw material for free.

One other benefit can be advertising for both the store and precious plastic. The idea is similar to the Zagat rating on restaurant windows. Any store or business donating plastic can then have a Precious Plastic Plaque made of plastic (designed by the community but standardized across the globe) in their store’s front window. The plaque should have information about PP and how to join. for instance a unique qr code that sends you to sign up, so the store or business can get credit for helping people join the cause.

The member can also keep track of what and how much plastic they collected from each store or business, so the plaque can have another qr code that sends the member to a form where they can enter how much and what they collected and then upload an image of the haul (optional). This can help give finite numbers to how much of an impact precious plastic is having on the global plastic issue.

The plaques will build awareness of Precious Plastic and its noble cause, while recruiting members.

Thank you for your time, please feel free to add to the idea. If PP chooses to add this feature I have some web development experience if any help is needed implementing the above.

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In reply to: Plastic Sourcing Map

13/01/2019 at 00:38

Hey @projectdetoxearth, I love the idea! This would be great for business development. Maybe someone would see that there is a lot of available plastic in their area, so they decide to startup a precious plastic workspace to utilize this resource and start producing valuable products. I will bring it up to people around v4 to see what they think. It could make the map get a busy….which is already is with all the current layers.


I also like the idea of the window plaque. Perhaps though a sticker would be easier to make and distribute. I also think if the message on the sticker said something more like “I support precious plastic by donating by waste plastic”, in addition to having a link to how people can get involved. This is something that we could do as a community right now. If someone makes a design for the sticker and then posts it somewhere on the forums with the design files, other businesses around the world can start using it. This would be especially useful for precious plastic workspaces that are already sourcing from businesses. If they had a sticker to give out, then the business gets positive advertising for them, as well as spreading the message about PP.

In reply to: Plastic Sourcing Map

15/01/2019 at 19:37

Thank you for your response @jaklatt,

Glad, you like the strategy. An environmentally friendly sticker is a great idea to implement the concept immediately. Although, re-purposing the plastic for advertising will strengthen the Precious Plastic brand. The plaque can be 3D printed out of recycled plastic so one design can be distributed to all Precious Plastic members globally.

Keeping track of contributions of members and businesses involved is also important, it  will help measure the positive impact precious plastics is having and inspire others to endorse and/or fund your efforts. This will also provide the community a platform to share their good deeds and earn points. So hopefully you can build into the sticker a unique qr link for each business that opens a form where members can describe and upload pictures of what they were able to gather from the business and what was produced with the plastic as a follow up post.

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