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Plastic Trash Bin

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Maybellene Cantoria maybellene

Plastic Trash Bin

07/12/2017 at 13:19

Hi 🙂 I need your help. In your opinion, how many kg of shredded plastic bottle will be needed to make a trash can like in the uploaded photo. Its height is about 16-18 inches. Thank you in advance 🙂 I will really appreciate your answer 🙂

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In reply to: Plastic Trash Bin

07/12/2017 at 14:03

I have a very similar looking bin on a paper shredder, a little smaller and with a cut-out on the front. It weighs 860g. I’d say your bin weighs around 1kg, so to make it would take 1kg of shredded plastic, plus a little extra which would be waste depending on the method used to make it (overspill from compression, sprues/runners from injection), but this could of course be recycled.

In reply to: Plastic Trash Bin

07/12/2017 at 16:02

Wow 🙂 Thank you very much andyn 🙂

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