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Plastic washing/drying

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Butte Metz btmetz

Plastic washing/drying

12/07/2019 at 05:10

Finding big problems lately now that rainy season has started here on the tropical island.


HDPE is supplied dirty/wet.


Used clothes washing  machines are fairly cheap where I live, clothes dryers not so much cheap but available.


I have seen someone  using  a drum made from a discarded washing machine for washing plastic.


If for example, bottle caps were washed in a washing machine and then placed in a cloth/mesh bag and run thru a dryer..  would this be viable?  Has anyone here experimented with this this yet?



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In reply to: Plastic washing/drying

15/07/2019 at 01:08

Hi Bmetz,

Tropical Darwin here, we share some challenges including humidity messing with filaments etc. Darwin Plastic Makers Space is just about ready to start work in their space and are planning exactly what you describe – a recycled washing machine and tumble dryer.

The waste water which is likely to contain small plastic particles will go to a settling tank with a fliter (stage one) and then will be pumped through another filter before being used again as pre rinse (before washing) or to water small trees we are planting and gifting to help offset our carbon footprint.

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