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poll : precious plastic – eBay – Hub

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poll : precious plastic – eBay – Hub

30/05/2018 at 11:37

there is an discussion on github in regard of improving the bazar. We are discussing in particular 3 options:

1. rewrite the bazar from scratch
2. extending the source code of the bazar
3. Creating an eBay store and build some fancy web-interface for easier browsing

My personal favorite is the eBay store which creates much better exposure to the real world than the other options. It also provides safety measures for sellers/buyers, basically all the advantages you want from buying through eBay. I’m really afraid that option 1. and 2. will avoid that precious plastic project really takes off since all the creations are hidden somewhere on website which nobody knows…..

Since I’d like to contribute to the situation (and I don’t mind what the final choice is) I wanted to involve you, the precious plastic community!

In terms of pros/cons of all options, there isn’t much difference when it comes to fees, also the pp – team can have earnings with all of the options, if really needed.

Also, since I’m developing here in Spain a little network, with business intentions, I’m forced to build a eBay store anyways.

I’d appreciate your input,
kind regards,

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30/05/2018 at 13:44

Hey Guenter,

Thanks for all your inputs.
Yep, Bazar needs some serious work 😉

For us was more a proof of concept to even understand whether there was a need for it. Now it seems pretty clear people use it and need it. We will now proceed to improve it whether that means improving existing infrastructure or build brand new.

One more option would be Etsy, more aligned to our philosophy of plastic craftsman I guess.

We’re not huge funs of ebay (huge-profit-driven-US-company) 🤠

It’s great to start the conversation, will write an article soon in regards to get more people involved in the discussion.

Good day!

30/05/2018 at 14:11

ok, i see. thanks for the background infos!

the point of ebay/etsy/alibaba (at least until pp really takes off) is becoming as soon as possible a serious, reliable and somewhat popular provider for plastics (and products). i don’t see that happen remotely with a hidden website like the bazar which needs insane amounts of money for advertising,…

Honestly, as product designer or researcher, I would close the bazar after 3 seconds just and keep searching on eBay,…

With having standard items in eBay, I expect much more requests soon, to be delegated to the pp network.

I think this is a very VERY critical decision and personal preferences or as Dave argumented: ‘we want a nice interface’  should be left a side, in the interest of the pp goals 🙂 just saying

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