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Polypropylene in an Injection Machine

Karen Danenhauer karenrpcv

Polypropylene in an Injection Machine

01/05/2019 at 01:33

I’m working on getting grant money to recycle polypropylene using an injection machine.

Could anyone who has used an injection machine to make things with recycled polypropylene please post photos of your creations?  Does it have a marbled appearance?

A lot of the polypropylene we have here has labels embedded into the surface (see my photo).  Would such labels (presumably made of a plastic film) make the injecting process more difficult, or alter the appearance of the injected, moulded plastic?

I know it’s best not to make containers for food out of recycled plastic.  Do you think it would be alright for recycled polypropylene containers to hold toiletries (ie lotions, sunscreen)?Thanks in advance!

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