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Portable desktop injection machine


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Portable desktop injection machine

27/01/2019 at 19:48

Hey guys,
it was suppose to be an easy thing I thought but I spent then 3 full days on it at the end, lots of hours on the lathe, 1-2 hours welding and a little bit on the mill. I wanted the best result possible, tight tolerances, smooth plunge and an easy to extrude plastic with a flexible nozzle. (btw. I can’t recommend building this without lathe or mill, it really wants it accurate to get a smooth plunge).

In the next iteration I will try to have it spring loaded which is pretty difficult as I noticed.

here you go, full metal desktop injection (some part are hardened to maintain this nice blob sound in the barrel) :

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14/03/2019 at 03:28

An update to the fume hood. Last month I added the sheetmetal and fan to my desktop injection machine. Today I added the rest of the fume routing. I needed some sheetmetal to transition from the square fan to the round duct. Sheetmetal (first image) comes in many flavors, this one happens to be cocoa wafers and some other food container that fits inside the tubing. The tubing (second image) is actually RV (caravan) sewage hose. For obvious reasons I used a new one (surprisingly cheap, 6m length for less than $8). At the exit is another CPU fan to help pull the fumes out of my garage door (image 3). This fan is larger so an unused bathroom accessory got adapted to form the transition cone. I did some match smoke tests and the system seemed to pull them out nicely.

The point is, if you are working with hot plastics indoors, with a little creativity, adding a fume extraction system can be very low cost. For some machines it may take more of an enclosure and stronger fans, but is still cheap compared to the alternative. Since we have no data on the fume hazards, consider it insurance and be safe.

14/03/2019 at 20:40

nice one @s2019, you’re right, anything which isn’t proven healthy is not safe (er,…this sucks at many levels). i just start researching this, indeed, there isn’t much. that’s pretty much the best i’ve found to start with : https://envirocare.org/plastic-fume-monitoring-exposure/

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