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possible health implications of plastics

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Erik Ravenstijn erikravenstijn

possible health implications of plastics

13/07/2016 at 14:14


Am reading some articles about health implications of plastic water bottles. The antimony in these bottles seems quite a possible hazard. What are possible risks for our health when we recycle PET bottles into new products? What measures should we take? Should we put some kind of coating on the recycled plastic products, to prevent toxic matter to enter our water/food (when we recycle the plastic into coffee mugs, plates etc) or to come in touch with our skin (when we wear the recycled products), too much?

Interested in your ideas and suggestions. Will post my findings also, of course!

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13/07/2016 at 22:22

ANTIMONY on PET????? There is false.

There is no problem in touch plastic or eat on then after cooling then.

14/07/2016 at 17:56

Hi Erik,
Indeed, according to the studies on which the US, the EU and more countries have based their legislation, the antimony present in PET can migrate into foods and drinks. However the migrated amounts seem to be worrying only when PET is substantially heated (e.g. when very hot foods or liquids are put in the PET container, or when the container is microwaved) or when liquids remain in the PET container for a long time (months).
I haven’t seen any mention of possible contamination through contact with skin, so I would expect that the risk is non-existent or negligible.

I would suggest for now to limit the use of PET to objects that are not designed to contain very hot food or drinks or to keep them at a regular temperature for a long time, and I am very curious about the possible coatings that could be used!

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