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Precious Plastic watch, observations/feedback


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Precious Plastic watch, observations/feedback

21/05/2019 at 09:46

hey there, so we had a look at the analytics of pp.org, bazar and pp.com, instagram. Here is my conclusion :

1. lot’s of people are looking for molds, created ‘things’. we will dedicate some more resources upon this observation : a heavy duty CNC mill up and running next month. I hope we can provide more molds, especially bigger ones as well a inexpensive service to mill them for you. the CNC is able to cut multiple molds in a short time
2. same urgent as the molds, lots of people looking at the shredder. We’re still desperate to find a reliable source for twin axle shredder blades. For now we secured a source for a cheap PET flake grinder, enabling 3D print but yet, we need urgently a better shredder out there or better, create network to get hands on industrial shredders, per continent (aka PP ‘networks’)
4. a big cut of instagram users seem to be stuck with the same stuff : tiles, clamps and the usual suspects. only a minority got other things working ..
5. to me it seems that the majority of PP users end up with kinda non-viable virgin plastic and thus focus more on workshops and presentations. I’d say only 1-5 % can turn the stuff coming out of PP v3 into something viable, if at all since you actually need different and more powerful machines. That is also my general conclusion answering hundreds of user emails: they want the machines, save the planet but they don’t know how to use them, at all.
6. localization, manuals and more instruction material is missing. I am saying this because we’re flooded with redundant questions in different languages; so a publicly extendable and localizable FAQ is urgent than ever.
7. community backflow of hacks, inventions & PP machine updates are lost in space due to the missing tools/platform of PP itself. It takes a good amount of time to figure that there is so much better and good stuff as well game changers for newbies out there. Instead, our forum contributors have to spent hours and hours to repeat the same all over again. that’s an urgent bottleneck and huge waste of precious resources. I also consider this very bottle neck as the major reason why PP doesn’t really take off, the drop rate is relative high and the visitor numbers didn’t change since years. If the website could have community curated list of projects, users spaces, etc… please, do something.

I am investigating this in depth soon again. If you spotted more issues and bottlenecks, please let me know.

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21/05/2019 at 12:47

1) about making molds, i think a complete instruction video, tutorials, state of the art DIY dossier might be a good candidate in the short term.

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