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PP v3 material prices – 2019


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PP v3 material prices – 2019

12/07/2019 at 10:23

Here are our updated numbers to build the machines. Income tax (40%), VAT (20%), shop fees, indirect consumables like welding wire, lathe oil, etc.. all excluded. That are the prices for south of Europe which I consider still cheap. Of course we can’t use second hand or scrap yard stuff. Customers need some warranty and after sales support and til now we had to keep drawings of what we sent.

Min. Prices – still low budget materials
Shredder : 1100 Euro,cheap inverter, 3 days full-time
Extrusion (industrial screw) : ~ 1000 Euro, cheap heatbands inverter, 3 days full time
Extrusion & Shredder combo : 1600 Euro, cheap heat bands, 4 – 5 days full timeArbor Injection : 200 Euro, cheap heat bands, 2 days full time

In example, people take normally a combo and the injector; with all taxes, fees and machines we’d have to buy new from time to time : around 5000 – 6000E. Now if you would add better heatbands (130 Euro the piece), PID controllers, inverter (300E), laser cut enclosures, fuses,… you can add another 1000 -1500E, easily. Going for less quality however is out of question. I think we touched the bottom already since long; compact, minimal and easy to ship design. Other than that let me make clear this is also a very physically demanding and unhealthy activity where one has also to reserve paid time for education (20% of the day), research (20%), etc… and not just this; you need pay off licenses, service subscriptions and of course new product developments which are not very often make it out of alpha. And even if you made it til here; there is still a huge amount of work ahead to keep community and platform you invested in growing. In version 4 we can add 80% -200 % to the material bill for the shredder and extrusion.

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