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Precious Plastic and OpenSource


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Precious Plastic and OpenSource

31/07/2020 at 01:52

Hey guys,
I am since a while consolidating all existing PP data (forum, community data) as well commercial machines out there into a new system, called the PP library. It took quite a while to workout a good format, structure to support our own work but also the communities way of ‘working’ and ‘sharing’.

– most ‘featured’ vendors don’t share anything, and if – it’s incomplete
– v3/v4 data is often incomplete and miss quite a lot of data, needed in production – the list is growing pretty long now. It’s quite some time to get this data impeccable for production and vendor usage. I won’t even bother making PRs since we heard too often : “build your own platform” …
– important, warnings from producers as well critical feedback has been widely ignored, despite the damage, just as in v3
– as we heard a number of times, it’s quite hard to get any information on design decisions done in v3/v4. in return there is a lot of rework, reinventing needed.
– ‘popular’ or ‘top’ vendors are also not sharing much – I can’t recall anything to my collection
– those who actually contribute production ready material (us) have quite a hard time catching up again with long and hard earned contacts in the network due to banning, by ‘top sellers’, respect. Same goes for disrespectful deleted data and links to OS work …. Indeed, OS & production ready contributions / upgrades  haven been attacked and marked as ‘dangerous’ , ‘fragmenting’ – no matter the ongoing exclusivity and incomplete/expensive ‘original’ designs – by gang members of course, lol 🙂
– the contribution / submission system is also lacking lot’s of important guidance and important features. Also here, I’ve got warned to be banned multiple times to point out long worked out procedures as Markdown or Github. Also, the license of user submissions are left in the dark as it generally happened during v3. It’s hard to see for what or who we’re working for.
– important v3 updates are now used for profit by v4 members, promises to share these updates went nowhere as well
– open source community machines are not linked anywhere (‘the power of open source’)
– the community outlet (forum, un credited highlights, bazar …), is now rather hidden behind the now direct competition of Eindhoven on the main page, unfair and not exactly polite toward those working since long on similar services/programs.
– mold files in the ‘howto’ system are rather useless, please share the real source files !!!!
– Discord also didn’t improve the overall long term situation. It’s’ rather a chilling effect on the community/project itself. With mostly lurkers around, no one is sharing detailed reports or articles anymore. You can’t kill PP better than this. Again, Discord is for the young gamer, not a tool to keep spinning a recycling movement … The new howto section seems to be the only way to share ‘long term’ content but also that fails a lot – not just on the technical side; looking at the high barrier and the low participation – also the overall content quality is rather confusing/incomplete/misleading than actually helpful. However, I’m not surprised that there is a loss of 1/3 in traffic since v4 and it’s destructive measures and bold claims….

Not sure where you wanna go with this, guys but’s not doing it’s job (except for some seeking the bottom minimal effort though :-). As said, If you’d actually work on a general open source PP portfolio – being picked up by the next generations, high quality, complete – together with research data – or just making a PP related product catalog, you might notice there isn’t much after all – seriously – I know every corner and bit of it !

Of course you could argue it’s all for fun and so on, but hey – the promise and call is sound, we’d like to put something to it 🙂

You can of course understand this as rant and keep banning us…. From our perspective, also as OS developer with a 25 years track record it’s rather worrying as multiple times confirmed by the community.

However, the library system is coming well along as said, we’ve got also some more folks teaming up, focusing on OS maker success.

have a nice one,

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