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Precious Plastic at the exhibition Morphosis

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Brian brianlm

Precious Plastic at the exhibition Morphosis

06/11/2017 at 02:10

Hello there!

I was part of the team of the curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein at the Exhibition Morphosis, at Schloss Hollenegg, which took place at the beginning of May 2017. Alice asked me not only to present your project, but also build two machines (Shredder and Injection) that we could show to the visitors and make some workshops and objects with them.

It went really well and I could chat with some curious visitors that were interested into creating a community in Graz and extend the project to future collaborations. The machines are located in a Makerspace, where we will start creating our self made CNC moulds. A couple of pictures of the process and the results.



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