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Precious plastic for kids

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Benedetta Moro benedettamoro

Precious plastic for kids

20/10/2019 at 18:21

Hi! I’m a student in product Design 🙂 I’m interested on adapting this project for children. I’d like to show them the recycling process using your point of wiew. I have a question. While the extrusion and the injection machines are working there is plastic-cooked smell? Could it be toxic for children? Thank you 🙂

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21/10/2019 at 22:06

Yes, the process produces fumes. There are other dangers with exposed hot parts and potential danger around the shredder. As a minimum, you should plan for outdoors with good air flow (fans if needed). Depending on the age of the kids you probably need to put together a safety plan and have it reviewed.

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