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Precious Plastic Mapping Community

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Charles S Murillo chazmanian

Precious Plastic Mapping Community

21/12/2018 at 06:34

I’d like to create my own website similar to precious plastic’s community that would be much more basic.

The organization I am forming is called “HouseParty!” where I connect to other open source organizations and communities internationally [like Precious Plastic 🙂 ] to build a toy/prototype version of houses…with plastic as one of the readily available resources!

Wikihouse, PreciousPlastic, Linux, Open Building Institute, and Open Source Ecology, GitHub are some of the organizations I’m interested in. I’d like to setup my database or social media website up first to match/sync up with members of the international community who are interested in forking/syncing/modifying my work for refined critiques. Feedback from the international audience is what I’m after. Currently I’m looking into software such as OpenStreetMap, however any developers who could guide me in the right direction of a reputable tutorial on similar work would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this far!


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