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Precious Plastic Project Budget Calculator

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Rory Dickens rorydickens

Precious Plastic Project Budget Calculator

28/06/2018 at 05:26

Hey PP Community,

I have noticed a few people asking how much it would cost to set up their own PP workspace or project. To help with this I have created a full budget calculator for anyone who wants to find out how much it would cost to set up a project in your area.

This Gsheet document is based off something I used in my previous job as a Project Development Manager for a large international non-profit and is normally used for costing a school rebuild project or other construction projects, and loosely resembles what I currently use to budget my own charities projects.

The excel is sadly not simple but can be understood if you have a basic understanding of excel and only stick to editing the GREEN cells.

The document uses a Rate Card as its main sheet. If you are not very good at excel I recommend you start with this. By editing the prices (in the green cells) of the listed items and following the units closely the document will automatically tell you (in the other tabs) how much your project will cost.

The rest of the document splits all of the items in the rate card into categories, such as Tools, Utilities, etc. The document is set up to provide a startup cost and a running cost.  If you only wish to understand your start up cost, change all of the weekly costs to “0”

The summary page does exactly as the title suggest however note the green cells allow you to calculate the length of your project and costs incurred through the payment of workers, utilities, maintenance and rent.

For those of you setting up the workshop as a business, the income summary is set up to aid you in the cost calculation of products and the quantity required for profit on a monthly basis. Again edit only the green.

This excel includes lots of extras if you are wanting to set up anything other than a business. These extras raise the cost, and the cost is raised even higher due to the current location this budget is based on, do not be afraid of the high price tag of the summary.

This excel is also in its early phases (as an open source sheet) and may not be very friendly to everyone on this forum. If you have any questions please ask and I will try and answer or simplify the sheet.

I am also curious to know what tools/expenses the fully operational businesses have on their monthly budget. Do you hire more staff than in this budget, or do you have a wider range of tools to make your moulds? That feedback would be very beneficial to this document and my organisation.

The link to this document is below:

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12/07/2018 at 00:16

This is amazing!
Thank you for sharing – following this thread

12/07/2018 at 10:45

Extremely thorough spreadsheet. Thanks for sharing 🙂

12/07/2018 at 13:56

Our Team has all costs on Excel file, so we can calculate aproximate final costs. But I should translate it to English, and you should understand that it is our local sittuation (price).

I would like to propose you to make an excel file with some formulas in two parts:


– 1 part – needs to be completed with data (local cost of some materials, electro motors, electrisity etc)
– 2 part – approximate volume of materials and resources needed, multipled on prices from Part 1.
So we will have an adaptable instrument fo each country.

P.S. We also can make a list with aproximate prices for different regions (for example: EU area, ex-soviet Countries, Asia, Africa etc). So people will be able to use these prices if they don’t know the price of the concrete element/material.

What do you think?

P.S. Join our discussion about PET bottles extrusion! – https://davehakkens.nl/community/forums/topic/saving-planet-from-pet-bottles/

19/07/2018 at 05:06

I completely agree with your suggestion about creating regional costs, but first I feel to get there the rate card needs to have a good broad spectrum of items that most PP workshops need to set up. Are there any items in my rate card example that are missing but in your experience is crucial for your set up?

Personally, I found the need for a Jigsaw to be something I never expected and a belt sander.

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