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Precious Plastic Version 4? 😮

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Precious Plastic Version 4? 😮

30/01/2018 at 22:19

You might have been aware that we launched Precious Plastic Version 3 a few months back. Maybe. We made many new things, introduced the bazar, container workspace, a series of art objects, a map for collaboration, more techniques and a way for the community to share their own tutorial videos. Quite a lot. Our main focus for this version was on expanding the platform and making it easier for people to collaborate.

This period is really fun for us. Seeing what the community, you guys do with the information. Always exciting to see if its used the way we intended. But besides observing we also gather feedback, comments, posts, topics we see or improvements we could do. And I can’t help myself, but slowly I think about what a V4 would look like.

So thats where this topic is for. To share your ideas, suggestions,improvements. What would you like Precious Plastic to work on and improve next? Throw it in here! Together we set the course 💪
*Oh and I might look inactive every now and then because i don’t leave a reply but I read all of it. No kidding.

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31/01/2018 at 22:02

I’m developing a shredder that can be built without welding, as that’s something people may find hard to source. Also it’s straightforward to make it hand cranked to be powered by the hands. Maybe for v4 we can come up with the ultimate pedal powered version? I know some people have tried it and I’m trying to build it but it adds complexity mechanically so not too cheap

Maybe an open source vacuum former?

Well my best idea / massively big project for v4:

The problem: People all over the world want to sort out their plastic problem. Specially in very remote places, it’s hard to source the machines or its parts, or it’s very expensive to do it.
The solution: Take the idea of the shipping container seen in v3. Build another one. A bit more ‘rugged’ (more ‘heavy duty’, capable of processing high volumes of plastics, of all thicknesses. Shredder, I’m looking at you), basically the shipping container workshop, on steroids. Do a crowdfunding to fund it. Send the shipping container to one of these remote places, and let the people there work on it, process their plastics. Maybe charge them a small amount for the delivery of the container and a rental fee per month. When they have cleared their local area from plastics, deliver the container somewhere else in the world. Repeat until the ocean, our beaches and mountains are clean 🙂

A bit ambitious but we are big dreamers backed by an awesome army of supporters

Hope you guys like it!?
@davehakkens @mattia-io @jegor-m

01/02/2018 at 00:33

I personally wouöd love to see a machine for washing shredded material being developed, since this is an important topic regarding the quality of the final product and many people struggle with this part.

03/02/2018 at 17:18

Hello everyone, for the version of Precious plastic 4, we from Colombia want to propose an idea related to the social impact in communities, so we want to share a work method that we have compiled with some years of work in vulnerable communities, and based on various topics ranging from: social innovation, circular economy, human centered design, circular design guide, and human scale development.

Because, we believe in the great potential that this project of Precious plastic has in the whole world, and likewise, the responsibility that involves consciously working with communities, understanding their dynamics, and the conditions of each context, precisely to guarantee different ways of sustainability and that the communities are empowered with this technology that can generate great changes for a better future from the social, the environmental and the economic.

We know that there are already several cases within the community, including the Kenyan project.

then, we left the subject to open discussion, to build among all different ways that allow to grow and strengthen the initiative of Preciosu Plastic.



05/02/2018 at 19:33

Another idea would be to design a recycling trash bin that workspaces can make and distribute in their immediate surroundings.. A recycling bin made of recycled material 😮

01/02/2018 at 16:18

research into methods of washing and drying of plastic.

a sheet press!

01/02/2018 at 14:49

It would be great if there was a machine to create a filament roll for 3d printers but high quality, with a precise diameter. With automatic winding, etc

01/02/2018 at 21:12

I think we need v3.1 before 4 because rapid prototyping is better than yearly releases

public bench seems like perfect awareness tool being a blend of function and showing the possibilities with recycled plastic

I am not a 3d modeler but think to have a wiki open source machine development could help people use information well and contribute. Open source ecology is trying to fill out its machine line up and has used wiki model with a global volunteer dev team. Using their power cube think a hydraulic press could produce wide range of products

like a 3d printer should be able to print another 3d printer, a plastic workshop should be able to make another plastic workshop. I think possibility of making a workshop entirely out of recycled plastic would be ideal (obviously need some metal for machines but could limit inputs needed)

I think we need to look at more cradle to cradle ideas and partner with organizations like living building challenge who has a red list of hazardous materials in the building industry, for example by getting rid of flame retardant plastic could help eliminate a large percentage of plastic avoid the landfill.

Big picture a global plastic coalition could be very meaningful, I personally believe corporations will need to be forced by governments to account for environmental cost. Locally I think we need to move pick up locations closer to existing retail just like grocery stores who are forced to recycle plastic bags. Amazon / Fedex lockers could have pick-up for plastics and cardboard and paper.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

01/02/2018 at 19:11

Washing and drying plastics

Separating plastic flakes from non-plastic flakes

31/01/2018 at 01:41

Hi, I’m thinking in making cheaper shredder for sale with a foldable framework so the shipping cost will be lower, in add the motor gear reduction could be buy with double axis exit, so it will be possible use the same motor for shredder and extrusion, without chains or belt, in add it will be possible to make plastic balance bikes for kids just using a plastic board (with CNC router work) or disrectly with apposite molds.In 2 months I will return in Italy and start to work on it.

05/02/2018 at 23:57

-prépare school curriculum for different levels
From machine building to plastic recycling itself


01/02/2018 at 05:17

A heat press definitely 🙂

31/01/2018 at 19:15

I contact Muzzi Cycles ( http://www.muzzicycles.com.br/muzzicycles-English/ ) it’s a brasilian company that made bike frame from recycled plastic, the say it’s possible to speak about make bicycle in europe and I thing that you (Dave) could speak with them, This could be a very big step for who want to do something bigger. I hope it could help…[email protected]

08/06/2018 at 11:14

Hi PP Community,

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Dave and everyone on the amazing award win!

My name is Scott, and I am a lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, from Monash University in Australia. I am supervising a small team of students working to build our own version of the PP machines, but in a novel packaging.

Version 3 was a bit big for us, so we decided to tweak the design of the machines slightly so that they could all fit neatly on a single 1m by 1m pallet, and still allow all of them to be used simultaneously. And also carry tools and raw materials and safety gear. It was quite a challenge but I think we did ok 🙂  We should know in about 6 weeks when the complete unit is due to be finished. Please check out our CAD designs and build progress on our FB page:

We see several benefits to such a compact integration:
– It takes up less space to store (obviously)
– You could manufacture and ship them very economically
– It simplifies the wiring, safety and controls
– You can take the unit out into the community and engage with people everywhere (schools, fairs, expos etc)

This is one idea we would like the community to consider for a potential “Version 4”, and we are more than happy to assist by sharing our designs and/or rework them with everyone’s input.

As a relative new comer to this community (Jan this year), but with many years experience supervising university student project teams (Formula Student) I have a couple of small suggestion for the future of PP that I would like to humbly share.

–  Refine/Redefine the vision for PP as a community
The community appears to be experiencing a huge amount of success, interest and growth, but sustaining that explosion of growth can be a huge challenge. Are we just here to “create tools that make it easier to start recycling plastic”? Or are those tools something that we use to educate people about the plastic problem and fight it from a whole range of angles? It would be good to see the PP community pull back a little from the machines to focus on the bigger picture, and use the community and platform to drive big changes, by finding ways not to use plastic (for instance).

– Consider Decentralising more
The scale of the community must make it very hard to manage. While we will always need and want Dave leading the way it would good to see more regional leadership emerging and being endorsed by the core team, to free them up to lead strategic stuff.

– Prioritise community engagement, rather than machine creation
We are not going to recycle our way out of this plastic problem, and there are limits to what these (amazing) little machines can do. The PP support materials are presently geared towards machine builder/operators, but it would be great to see more support provided for outreach. Changing the way people think about plastic and consume can be done at scale, it just takes a bit of information, some interaction with the machines and teams, and a sample to go away with, and we have done our job. We plan to develop materials on this front so I am volunteering my team to assist on this 🙂

– Connect with more Engineering Universities, and start groups there
Building one of more machines is a very serious technical and financial undertaking for most community groups or individuals, but universities have an unlimited supply of engineering students, often lots of money, great facilities and the space to get up and running quickly. This project ticks so many boxes for the kind of experience we are trying to give students, it is not funny. It also really appeals to female students (who we are desperate to attract to STEM and engineering) in a way that race cars, rockets and bridges often don’t. There are about 600 universities around the world currently building Formula SAE/Student cars, there should be at least half that many with PP groups in the next two years. With their skills and facilities these uni teams are the perfect people to support other local groups in machine building, or just making their own machines available for community use. Here at Monash, we are happy to help push this uni uptake along any way we can.

– Not everyone needs their own Shredder, work around it!
The shredder is clearly the most difficult and expensive part of the PP production line, and from what I can tell, is a serious impediment currently to people getting into PP, but maybe most groups don’t need one. In fact it is probably uneconomical for lots of groups to be building them. We do understand that the capability of recycling your very own plastics is nice, but not at the expense of being able to access the other much simpler and cheaper machines and this whole community.  We found it very easy to source beautiful shredded HDPE and PP in bulk from a major plastics recycling company locally, so surely those opportunities must exist elsewhere in the world? They have serious machines to do this job and not much to do with the output currently.
Which started me thinking, if you don’t need a shredder, just how simple/cheap/small could you make PP?

If we imagined for a second small PP productions units without a shredder (using sources shredded materials), and let’s say without an extruder as well, what would it look like? You get left with the compression oven and the injector. Or what if you picked just one of those? I would take the injector. Now you have got a single machine (dual mains power for faster heating), that would easily fit on a small trolley (including all tooling and moulds and raw materials), that could go just about anywhere and tell the PP story (display screen for videos!) and make samples for people. Once refined, I am guessing any university team could sell these (at a small profit) for less than US$1000. And arrange to supply these customers with raw materials. That would be my other suggestion for Version 4.  Simplify massively, but make it super cheap and accessible.

Sorry for the massive rant, but hope some of those ideas are of interest.

Cheers 🙂


02/02/2018 at 00:26

1. A dedicated learning area filled with tutorials and access to information for plastics training. ( 3d modelling to make moulds)
2. Sheet press machine plans
3. group function so i can broadcast a message to friends or mini army to organise events ( promote precious plastic days or recycle days or beach clean ups etc..)

05/02/2018 at 09:37

What about heat-Roller – able to make infinit thin materials (sheets or filaments). 2in1.

03/02/2018 at 08:01

Definitely make a cheaper version of the machines. A lower price will allow people, who do not have the financial stability to normally buy it, to join in. More recyclers will make machines to help spread the community.

If Version 4 was focused more on building a new machine, like a washer, people would be less able to successfully fund them.

31/01/2018 at 23:49

A button linked directly to the map will be nice also
I felt like I had to dig around and find it

06/02/2018 at 22:25

Stupid question
What’s about a Wikilike thing…
With different group writer and approuver of article.

Forum is very good but have some limitations when growing very fast… Basic questions are always the same and lot of members have already answers… And many times very good answers.
This basics knowledge could be share on wiki plate-forme...

04/02/2018 at 21:15

Can we make the drive axles square instead of hexagonal? Much easier to obtain.

03/02/2018 at 13:14

how do you think you can make it cheaper?
all info is free even locations were you can find cheap 2e hand things are mentiont i agree its not cheap to build all machines but it is the cheapest i found by far

i think more machines are beter then resech for even cheaper machines, if the machines are hard to make it sows dedication and more thinking of your own what you can post to help others

i myself am making machines with no money no experiance just picking up scrap metal from streets and trade it at the junkyard it took me one month to buy lasercutted parts from Manuel ( @mr-hirn ) and an axl from @andyn and boucht 2 bearings from china for 5 euro each
the laser cutted parts are not stainless steel and not cleand to get it cheaper

i got a cuttingtable for free becouls it was damaged but motor works fine
so now im relaying on the people from the forum and my own imagination to make it work

31/01/2018 at 00:48

Hello Great news about 4th version!

i am thinking make the pressure of injection maybe with hydraulic system..
or an alternative shredder more cheap with this tool?

31/01/2018 at 23:47

Has anyone looked into using for Fresnel lenses for smelting the plastic no shredding needed and you can do it in high volume also 3D printing using Extrusion possibly a hand-crank shredders for those that are off grid like me and pyrolysis a lot of this plastic can also go to fuel

07/02/2018 at 02:26

I think the only way to make cheaper machines is to close the market. Appointing 1 person in each country that is responsible for selling only in your country. producing many machines in series is cheaper than doing 1, also shipping is cheaper within the country.
Prices must be recomended by PP cheaper as they can

03/02/2018 at 20:29

As already said
Washing machine

And why not
machine doing mold or similar to allow more products choicr

02/02/2018 at 14:46

I found this while looking for carjack for compression machine.

21/06/2018 at 12:26

Hi! May be it’s not a new idea, but – what about to make something like LEGO bricks or whatever can be assembled and constructed to anything universal and big? Like walls, fences, roof shingles etc.?

20/04/2018 at 12:33

A few thoughts, some of these have already been talked about but ill reiterate.

– A way of washing the plastic (my thoughts are a washing machine with steam injection)
– rotation moulding machine (i think i saw one in an original PP video)
– a more advanced 3d printer filament maker (think lymen etc, see note at bottom)
– more items working on lower voltage 12v or 24v etc
– a redesigned shredder, one that doesn’t require laser cutting

– we should look at the sources of plastic waste and how we can reclaim it faster perhaps specializing in a single source. For example I found that 5L oil containers often go straight into the rubbish, it would be simple to go to a few mechanics and just ask them to keep them aside and collect once a week.

-look at making more worthwhile products. Without being rude and i know it is only limited by an individuals imagination, a lot of the products Dave made looked simply useless to myself (this comes down to my personal taste and lifestyle) but spinning tops and vases do nothing or my needs. On the other hand the building materials video was great, maybe more on giving ideas on using them (benches, chairs, fences, bins ect)

-An upscale of some of the processes. This is not only possible but maybe better suited to some places around the world. Currently Australia is going through a major recycling problem due to the change in China that some councils are just sending it straight to landfill as its cheaper.

-The bizzar is great but after scouring it last week i feel its become very commercial. Sort of like people are cashing in on the idea, this also goes for the produced items. Dave talks about cutting down on shipping etc yet i went there and found heaps of spinning tops and soap dishes that i can order to ship to the other side of the world.

Note on 3d filament
I feel this would be great for the world. Think of the huge amount of materials being produced just to get wasted when a print fails, the item is thrown away or in my case the prototype needs changing. We can recycle a large amount of plastic, keep costs down for 3d printing, get recycling straight into peoples houses.

12/03/2018 at 07:57

Also, as we have dug into more detail about the potential hazards of breathing the fumes from melted plastics, we believe that it is very important to ensure proper ventilation (even being outside isn’t just good enough). I think that should be an important part of the information that Precious Plastic provides so that we make sure that the community that is a part of this project is not breathing toxic fumes.

08/03/2018 at 03:27

Solar powered options would be great ?
Either solar heating/melting in solar ovens/ concentrators.
And or solar electric/battery – however not sure on the power drain of some of the machines.
Would make a good solution for a fully off-grid mobile workshop.

04/03/2018 at 23:43

Precious Plastic v4.0 should become impersonal, i.e: regroup all PP’s related content in one and only website preciousplastic.com by moving the PP forums and news from davehakkens.nl to the official website.

After that one might add a wiki, improve the bazar, etc.
Also the preciousplastic.com website created using webflow, can still be designed using wordpress, to ease the migration of the bbpress forum here.

@mattia-io @davehakkens and the others, what do you think ?

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