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Precious Plastic for Educational Purposes

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Liv Manquemávida livmanquemavida

Precious Plastic for Educational Purposes

10/10/2018 at 19:45

Hi there, everyone!!!

“Liv” is a Project based and born in Rio de Janeiro and now  being  implemented at Manquemávida School, Santa Cruz City, Chile.

We are currently working with the Precious Plastic machines (“Shreddextruder mix” and the Injection that will be installed this week).
Mostly we work on our capacities towards ensuring provision of Education (alongside Manquemávida’s School Community) in situations of emergency, being circular economy, permaculture, ecology and related topics our firm commitment.

We would be very happy to hear from Precious Plastic community members interested in these topics as well as sharing our knowledge n skills to grow together.

Big Hug!!!

Pura vida°!!!



Marcelo & Pavlo

Tecnología Sustentable y Educación

*Liv – Manquemávida Team*


For more info check out or instagram @livpermacultura ;D

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18/10/2018 at 21:03

Hi there

i would love to see further what you are doing at your school, i am trying to implement my own project at a school in Nepal

kind regards


14/01/2019 at 18:08

Wow! Nepal :O Sounds so far away and so interesting too.
We-ve been working very hard last months to get this working (burocratical stuff mostly haha) and from March 2019 we will be working with the School Community and get the project open to the world. Already built 2 machines n the injector is just a matter of assembling n choose the wall where itll be mounted.

Would be great to hear from your project and how it is going too

Sorry for the late answer by the way hehe


25/07/2019 at 22:35

Buenos dias,

Hola, soy alvaro yavar de Pichilemu, y soy parte de una organización llamada Centro de Desarrollo Sustentable (Cedesus). Acabamos de adjudicarnos un fondo de la WWF para hacer educación ambiental sobre la problematica del plastico y construir las PreciousPlastic. Nos gustaria si es posible poder visitarlos para saber de su experiencia en la construccion de esta, y que dificultades se nos puedan presentar.

Bueno el proyecto de nosotros busca involucrar a la comunidad y hacer un grupo de voluntarios para reciclar y generar objetos. Y claro , generar conciencia.

Les dejo mi contacto [email protected] . +569 62170762
Gracias por su tiempo.

25/07/2019 at 23:43

hello !

I’m From France, I’m a professionnal working in a social and educational’s association. We’ll Launch the project in 2020  and we’ld develop some kind of différent animations around the 4 machines of PP.

The goal is to sensibilise childrens (6-12 years old), almost the teenagers (13-17) and in a third step the adult.

So i’ll be happy to participate to the topics to share our reflexion around this subject.

30/07/2019 at 18:16

Salut !
Si tu viens de France, on peut parler français j’imagine !
Je suis Claire Ponsac, collègue du CEDESUS d’Alvaro Yavar.
Peut être pourrait-on s’échanger nos numéros pour pouvoir convenir d’une rencontre ?!
Je ne sais pas si vous êtes disponible la semaine prochaine ? car cette semaine est déjà bien avancée et je ne crois pas qu’on puisse voyager à Santa Cruz…
Mon numéro est le +56992530461 et mon mail est [email protected].
On se tient au courant !
Et merci pour votre réponse rapide !

05/08/2019 at 20:56

Hello there Folks,

It wasnt till now that I got to check your messages tho we got the chance to “magically” meet up with Alvaro and Claire last week (* 🙂  * ) .

About updates: we have already “launched” our Plastic Lab and gathered both teachers and students from the School around this whole “Recycling Project” and there are already:

– “Indivual projects” from groups of students guided by the Technology Subject Teacher (Mabel) who got very interested in the possibilities the recycling process offers.

– Physical Education Project for “<i>Development of instructional material for courses and workshop”.</i>

And one of our biggest contribution to the School is the whole noew Structure for a efficient Coleccting System, Planet Consciousness and a Plastic Lab were 3 Precious Plastic Machines are available for anybody interested to  use (previous training and under our own or qualified someone’s supervision).


Currently our work is to work along with the teachers and school projects as well as giving proper “Training Workshops” for machines usage and basic plastic knowledge for so.


For more info visit our insta @livpermacultura

or also send a direct whatsapp to +56 9 9 99793679






Im uploading 2 pictures so you get a little view of our Plastic Lab and see a little bit of plastisc we’ve collected at the school.

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