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Precious plastics education tool for schools

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Oliver oliverbellanti

Precious plastics education tool for schools

10/02/2020 at 13:28

I am a product design student at the University of Brighton currently in my final year.

The project I am working on involves raising awareness for the issue with waste in general but more so about plastics, after finding out about precious plastics I have decided to revolve my project around creating a machine that will work as an educational tool for children, one that they will can work together to use (safely) and have fun with!!

if anyone has any experience with working in schools with precious plastics then your feed back is very very welcome, from safety measures to sizing any knowledge will be great help!! (also if anyone has any questions about the project please do get in touch!)


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10/02/2020 at 13:41

I am a Design Technology teacher in Herts who is incorporating Precious Plastics into my classroom and as a school wide initiative. I’m almost done building my shredder so am also interested in this thread and connecting with other educators.

I can see my biggest issue in scaling it up to the numbers in a classroom. So i am starting it as an extra-curricular group during lunch breaks for those kids who are super interested in it, while I figure out how to use it in the curriculum. I teach year 3 to 8, so quite a wide range of skills/ability.

My classroom/workshop is full of enough tools to do some examples of plastic forming once it’s shredded. I have laser-cutter, heat press, strip line benders, vacuum formers, a small oven and good ventilation. So i’m pretty comfortable with the safety side of things as long as I stick with HDPE and stay well clear of any of the more toxic plastics.

13/02/2020 at 22:06

here are some pictures of the origamic coin purse finish Template during our kids raising awareness workshop.

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