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Product Development V4

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Vicente Varella v-varella

Product Development V4

07/05/2019 at 15:14

Hello community,
here in Eindhoven the machine developement fase is about to be finished and it’s time to begin with product design. 🎉🎉🎉

Here we’ll keep you updated with what’s going on regarding the directions we are going to follow and most probably later we’ll open more dedicated topics for the different projects we want to take over.

The best way to start is by sharing the values we want to be comited with. This is the result of multiple sessions in which we discussed and analized our goals for PP V4.


With our products we aim to:

1. Make a shift on the perception of recycled plastic to a valuable and versatile resource.
2. Engage with new audiences by building excitement around the material.
3. Use industrial style processes to encourage local high quality production
4. Create accessible tools to enable our community to overcome their challenges 5. Explore the world of possibilities that the machines can offer to our community
6. Commit with circular economy principles and not contribute to other problems in the long term.

Let us know what you think and if we miss any point 😀

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In reply to: Product Development V4

01/06/2019 at 06:12

me and my wife have a it shop and we have 3d printing service 🙂 we wan’t to change the world in plastic 🙂 because we can re-use it

In reply to: Product Development V4

01/06/2019 at 06:31

Hey folks , glad to see the work progressing . I only joined as of yesterday , however , a few suggestions for better plastics flow and great new products that can be sold in much larger scales .
1.  experiment with a small drip tube input that allows for waste oils such as old cooking oils / old vehicle oils etc. to be flowed in with the plastics while heating . This will result in better flow capabilities , and thus better finishes . Probable input should be at the shredding port as the oils will blend with the plastics internally for the most part , as the tube input may only allow for external applications .
2. when making your flat sheet or brick projects , remember the inter-locking puzzle piece concept , which again will allow for user friendly lay and play installs for garages , commercial spaces , basements , existing decks for over lays , etc… as for the bricks , consider end joiner tabs and not top or bottom connectivity , as all tops and bottoms will already be finished . Think of interlocking foam pieces for kids play areas .
3. a final consideration should be made as to existing or perhaps even newly created bonding agents or even agent , thus again , user friendly applications .
4. consider hopper extensions that clip on to existing configurations , with a view port out of plexi glass for observational purposes .
5. consider a side gear input for an auto feed system into the shreading  hopper , perhaps using an old grain screw and extended v-shaped hopper .
until later folks , keep up the great efforts ,   Teslaguysquires …

In reply to: Product Development V4

01/06/2019 at 06:51

Hi @v-varella ,


Hate to be a downer (again), but as with the V4 Product Design – Furniture topic, please also list the licensing conditions, as in this topic you probably also expect the designers to give away their work for free (as in beer), not just to make it available as Open Source (free as in speech).


In reply to: Product Development V4

01/06/2019 at 07:23

Hi Thomas ( @teslaguysquires ),


That’s quite an entrance you make 🙂


All great ideas, with even one on Topic (I fully agree with the interlocking sheet and brick-concept).


All others have their own topics in the forum, so make sure to also share your input there, as otherwise they might get lost, which would be a shame.


PM me if you need any help finding these topics!

(or if you have any other questions)

In reply to: Product Development V4

01/06/2019 at 20:55

Hello again to all of the folks that actually care about this planet , as I seriously do … I would state for the record , regarding any or all inputs of suggestions , or concepts that I make towards the community as a whole , are 100% open sourced available with no licensing or fees of any kind involved .
Now for a bit more input regarding production platforms and relative speed for said production ; perhaps consider a wheeled or roller side table , which would allow for a slightly over heated plastic material to be firstly drip or even flow poured into an open topped mold , and when filled is simply press fitted into shape , then by a simple slide carriage or roller system , the next mold is moved into place , and the process continues onward … seriously expanded production capabilities …

In reply to: Product Development V4

09/06/2019 at 16:37

Hey folks,


I have been following PP for a long time but I never jumped in actively. I decided to change that today !


I would like to submit an idea a friend of mine had few years ago that we haven’t tried yet.

This friend and myself are involved in WindEmpowerment, which is a network of organizations and small companies around the globe working on small wind turbines and rural development.  This network is a knowledge platform that share a common design for self build machines a bit like PP but for rural electrification.  (If you want more infos http://windempowerment.org)


The idea we would like to submit is to reuse PET bottles and to up cycle them in wind turbine blades through a blowing process. (I’ve attached a schematic)

We thought that it would be super great if we could do a kind of a joint product together around this idea if you like it.

We do not have much experience with plastic (except some in extrusion and 3D printing) and we would love to have your feedback on the feasibility of re-blowing PET – and if you know some tricks or parameters (temperature cycle for instance) to master this technic.


We strongly believe that making a demonstrator would easily become viral on the internet and inspire many to start making energy from waste. The design would be fully open source and mould could be then sold on the bazar to allow people to replicate it all around the globe.


Looking forward to get your feedback/critics on the idea,



EDIT : to rotate the schematic horizontally


In reply to: Product Development V4

09/06/2019 at 16:41

Hi Jean (@jal7),


That’s pretty close to an experiment I’m building up to, only had not thought to forming them into turbine blades (I was more thinking in the lines of (halloween) masks).
Blow moulding is however not entirely on Topic here, as V4 does not (yet) include a blowmoulding machine.

Why don’t you start a new Topic (inviting me) and we’ll continue the experiment there.

I’d love to hear more about the needed turbine specs!

In reply to: Product Development V4

09/06/2019 at 22:26

That’s an interesting idea. I particularly like the reuse of the bottle’s threads for securing the blades (of course there would have to be some way of adjusting it for the correct pitch). Though I’m not sure PET is the best material for this, from the limited experiments I’ve done with it, it can become very brittle and I think good results might need more sophisticated equipment and precise control of temperature, humidity etc. Though I’ve only tired injection moulding, not blow-moulding.


Another way might be to make an injection or compression mould which would enable use of easier to work with plastic, such as HDPE or PP.

In reply to: Product Development V4

10/06/2019 at 00:00

That’s a lot of cantilever. Maybe consider one of the vertical axis wing designs where you can hold it in multiple places.

In reply to: Product Development V4

10/06/2019 at 06:24

For all the turbine lovers:

Making wind turbine blades from waste
topic has it’s own topic (again)

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