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Project Panamá


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Vito vito

Project Panamá

25/11/2017 at 17:28

Hi guys, im going to introduce myself, my name is Vito, im 36 years old architect, and i have about 2 years living in Panamá, im Venezuelan, with two nationalities my second its Italian, Nice to meet you all. Actually im writing to explain the project that im developing with an indigenous community, called Guna Yala, this community is located, at the San Blas Gulf, and the island where occurs the intervention its named Masargandup, i´ve been talking with the leaders, and with youth coordinator to start the project, and it was well taken, in order of that now im asking for help to start the creation of the machines and molds. Please take a look at the presentation, any aport, ideas, contribution, and initiative to work with me its well received.

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01/12/2017 at 01:59

Welcome to Precious Plastic @vito
Your idea looks promissing, however, I didn’t see any mention of how the Precious Plastic machines will be used or what their purpose is on your project

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01/12/2017 at 02:32

Sorry for the missing information, what we want to do with precious plastic with the community is to develop different craft’s, it goes to simply fishing reels, art, flower pots for organic vegetables, structural components to build the shelters, and many other things that could be useful, in that way they cab manage the plastic waste that arrive to the shores, brought for the tourist and generated in the island for the day by day. In this way they can bring a new service with the plastic. (Sorry for my english) @xxxolivierxxx

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09/05/2018 at 20:11

I’m personally happy to hear about this project! I my family comes from Panama and I always though that it would be a great place to start a Precious Plastic shop. I wish you the best of luck with the project and the community is here for support! @vito

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10/05/2018 at 18:43

Its a fantastic Idea, ill be pleased to help you in anything you want, remember im an architect and i could help a lot in the design and construction of the store, please contact me if you want to start a project. @herowe

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