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Project with many schools – feedback please

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Brian Carraway bcarrawa

Project with many schools – feedback please

31/10/2019 at 10:47

My team and I just piloted a PP program at an International School in Thailand. We are delivering our hand crank shredder and injection mold machine this week to the schools maker space.

We have assembled a team with some faculty members who will help us launch a PP program that will help the school combat it’s plastic waste through the PP machines. We plan to build collection programs, education models and end product students can build.

Our business plan is to build a consultancy here in Thailand that offers schools a service for us to come in and set up a PP recycling program for them. this involves the whole set up process, the outsourcing of the machine build, and product development. We will task student leaders and faculty to continue the program once handoff has been made. We will copy and repeat this service, tailored to each schools needs, to help build recycling systems based on PP for schools to empower their students to tackle their plastic waste.

We are almost finished with our pilot program, delivering this machines this week to the school. we anticipate some problems starting out, which is why Im coming here to ask what are some issues we can plan for as we set the school up with their machines.

We would love some feedback and couldn’t imagine a better place to find that.

Thanks everyone for your work and for being here as a community.

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31/10/2019 at 22:30

Sounds like a great program. The hand-cranked shredder should benefit their athletic program as well.
Hopefully their makerspace is set up with some fume management for the injection machine.

31/10/2019 at 23:49

yeah, perhaps a leaflet or booklet or just a great flyer to a well curate site – printable too – would be a great outcome. page nr. 1 goes to @s2019‘s machine 🙂

PP Monash built a beautiful system btw. too

07/11/2019 at 22:58

Hi there, sounds like a great project.
I am in the process of setting up a PP project for a center of school dropouts in Assam in India (its called the Akshar forum).
I like your entrepreneur spirit, and the hand driven shredder is interesting, also for the project that I am starting as electrical currents are not as stable in that place.
Is there a way to maybe access the plans of how to build the hand driven shredder?

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