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Question about file format (Shredder)

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Ilham ilham

Question about file format (Shredder)

26/05/2019 at 17:19

Hi everyone..

I have been going through the shredder file from Precious Plastic kit master, there are few files i cannot open.. The format for the file are :

Under CAD File : F3D File, IGES File, SAT File, SMT File, STEP File
Under Laser File (3MM, 5MM, 6MM) : DWG File, DS_STORE File, DXF File

1) How can i open these files? Is there any application to open them?
2) I decided to order the shredder blade from lasercutting service, do they need all the file that i listed above? Or the overview of the blade is detailed enough?

Thank You..

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26/05/2019 at 19:00

1) you need a cad-programm to open the files, eg Autocad. Freecad also works to open most of the files, freecad is crossplatform ond free.
2) give them  the “laserfiles” folder.
3) You probably want to take the upgrade version in /precious-plastic-kit-master/3. Build/Upgrades/Shredder 2.1 (holes,sieve,hopper)

27/05/2019 at 06:46

Thank You for replying.

I already check and study the upgrade version of Shredder 2.1 and i have few questions about it.

Why did u recommend the upgrade version? Is there any significant difference between the two versions?

Thank You..

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