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Re-using plastics that cannot be recycled in Uk

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paul Ridley cabinz

Re-using plastics that cannot be recycled in Uk

27/08/2018 at 00:45

Hi, we’ve just joined your group. Thanks for having us !

We are the Cabinz project, a community group in Chester / N. Wales Uk, that has reused over 200 tonnes of plastic off cuts from composites door factories in 4.5 yrs.
This is combined with other plastics to build mainly insulated shed panels for  workshops & build plastic green houses, chicken coops & aviaries.

Open source prototypes & history is at http://www.cabinz.net

We are looking to distribute 4 tonnes a week to groups in the uk for re-use , and suggest international groups contact their local door factories as they have a great source of off cuts, ideal for creative reuse or building stuff like gridbeam / hexayurts.

These door factories recycle everything else , but this plastic has to be landfilled or incinerated as it cannot be recycled, due to it being mixture of fibreglass composite & fire resistant plastic .

We’ve just done a deal to take clearance stock from screw & fitting factories, so can provided fixing to join materials together very cheaply, These fittings can be sent abroad if economically viable

my name is Paul the founder / co-ordinator of cabinz

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16/09/2018 at 17:35

Wow nice! Dave would find this cool for his new project about building a physical ‘camp’ with post-consumer materials. Hope your sheds go well!

29/09/2018 at 16:44

Cheers ofoord,
I look forward to further contact .

I was excited to read on this forum about
“The first 3D Printer using PET Water bottle” (I’ll reply to this thread)
We are currenty trying to make an alternative eco-brick with empty pet bottles with a partial or full vacuum inside as this is a great insulator than air. It also reduces the quantity of material used.

Initail research here :  Making an Insulated Eco Brick by Filling Empty Plastic Bottles with Rolled Cardboard or Plastic & Evacuating Air (VIB)

The problem is that the bottle will collapse when air is sucked out so it needs a structure inside or outside to support this .

Perhaps a structure made from 3d printed PET bottles that then expands like a ship in the bottle.

Initial ideas were waste rolled cardboard or plastic tubes a waste plastic or paper structure to insert into that bottle, This does not seem to give enough support.

Current prototyping is using a 2nd bottle wall & base with top cut off and a slit in the side . a complete bottle filled with air is inserted inside & then expanding foam is inserted inbetween the 2 bottel walls , when dried it forms a supporting wall. However the foam is quite expensive

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