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Recycling PC/ABS from electronics?

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Denis luckyluke

Recycling PC/ABS from electronics?

14/04/2019 at 21:18


I am planning to recycle PC/ABS plastics into filament for FDM 3d printers and wanted to invite everyone to discuss my plan and progress. I run an electronics ecommerce business and wanted to donate some electronics / filament to an electronics club for children instead of throwing the vast amounts of plastics to the dump.
The plastics are from large TV sets and usually are marked as PC/ABS (polycarbonate and abs mix). In 3d printing terms PC/ABS is considered as high temperature material and requires a heated bed and a closed chamber for succesful prints. I have no idea if its viable to create filament from PC/ABS for 3d printing, but I will try it anyway.

Here’s my plan for PC/ABS recycling.
1. Cut the large TV frames into smaller parts with a table saw (100 tooth blade)
2. Shred the small parts into even smaller parts with a shredder
3. Wash the plastic? Might be optional step (if plastic is clean…)
4. Dry the shreded plastics in a clothes dryer (packed in a bag)
5. Create new filament spools from dry shredded plastic with a Filastruder kit

So far I have collected lots of TV frames and got a table saw. I am unsure about the recycling and don’t have any knowledge about degradation of PC/ABS when its reheated. For my First batch I will definetly use a paper shredder for step 2. to mitigate any risk of buying an expensive shredder. I talked to some specialists/engineers and was told that it should be possible to recycle the material and if not it will definetly be possible if I mix virgin plastic into my shredded plastic. Its called a ‘refresh’.

Suggestions, ideas and proposals are welcome!

Here’s a picture of the table saw (lol)

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