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Recycling plastic waste in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

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Arjan Bakker recyclingcapeverde

Recycling plastic waste in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

14/04/2018 at 12:42

Hello all, I want to setup a recycling project on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde. The beaches are filled with plastic waste; bottles, cans, fishing nets , you name, you will probably find it.

The government is not doing anything about it. I had a company there doing tours with electric fat bikes (Cool!). We went on the beaches where it was allowed. But on the beaches it was sometimes not even possible to bike because of the huge waste.

Since these beaches are often remote and difficult to access, noone did anything, even if they wanted, it was just very hard. During the turtle season, the volunteers often collect garbage and so clean the beaches for the turtles to lay their eggs.

But then , how to get the plastic waste of the beach to the town, where in the end it gets burned or burried in the ground…or the wind takes the plastic and blows it on the island interior, or even back in the ocean.

Never ending story.

I want to start making a difference! By using a mobile trailer/truck that is able to go on the beach, or near it, where we can start to recycle the plastic on the spot. At least shred it to tiny parts and when the trailer is full, take it back to a workspace where we can make plastic boards/poles whcih can be used in the many new hotel constructions.

Later we can make different items of the plastic, but first boards and poles. I have seen Ecopost doing this and they claimed you do not even have to wash/clean the plastic, just shred it and put in the extruder to make a pole.

I am looking for the right machines, advice to make these boards on a low budget. I have about 10000 euro to start up to 30000 euro to invest in a good solid project.

The locals can have work by collecting the plastic waste and work in the shop to make the boards.

We can start collecting also plastic waste from the hotels, airport/houses and if we run out of plastic can import it from the other 10 islands where there is plenty more plastic waste unfortenatly.

have a look here Recyling boa vista to see how bad it is.

What can be done with fishing nets???

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