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Saving the world, one toy at a time

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Matthew Knott-Craig thetoymaker

Saving the world, one toy at a time

18/06/2019 at 13:29

The Free Toys For Life Foundation’s mission is to provide everyone with the ability to build their own epic looking toys – for free. Adopting animation techniques used in video games, we are able to empower anyone older than 10 years old to create epic looking toys, but rather than use Binary 1’s & 0’s, we’re using trash.

The primary resource in our toy building is rubbish. We do not like the idea of rummaging around in the trash because that is pretty filthy. Therefore we adopt and encourage a mindset of not letting things go to waste. For instance not disposing of packaging from many common daily used items, like yogurt tubs, straws, grocery bags, etc.

This is the perfect opportunity to incentivize a positive behavioral change in children at an early age where the person’s attitude is focused on ‘REUSE’ rather than ‘WASTE’. By adopting our techniques children are able to develop meaningful skills that are the foundations of careers in animation, architecture, engineering, video game design, and more. Better yet, their

Better yet, because our toys are primarily made of trash, that means the more toys we make the less trash there is in the environment. Saving the world, one toy at a time.

We currently have a list of 491 planned toys. These are themed and involve an assortment of introductory, beginner, intermediate, advanced & professional models. Themes vary from the Medieval Ages to Ancient Greece, from the Wild West to the Far East,  Wonder’s of the World to Famous Landmarks. We will also include more custom and bespoke designs as we grow.

Please help support our mission. Every donation we receive goes towards developing more free-to-access designs, furthering our toy-building techniques recipes, and providing workshops & toy-building kits to children in low-income communities around South Africa.

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