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Scalable Solution for the Global Plastic Crisis

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Brian Sherwin briansherwin

Scalable Solution for the Global Plastic Crisis

20/01/2020 at 18:45

Hey everyone, my name is Brian Sherwin and I have been involved in the Precious Plastic community since August of last year and it has changed my life and outlook.

I am excited to share a project I have developed that is a localized, scalable solution for the plastic crisis.  It can be done with the current infrastructure and can greatly improve the efficiency of the recycling process by eliminating the need for sorting plastics by type.

I launched my Indiegogo campaign this morning.  A link is below.  You can find more details there to start.  But I wanted to start a discussion here where I can give more information if anyone is interested.

I have received incredible insights in the past from this community, and I hope that you can help me with this project as there will be many needs if it can gain some traction.  With your help, I am sure it can!




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21/01/2020 at 02:21

I have not looked into the earth bag concept but one thought might be that if you fill the bags with plastic, you basically have a bag full of fuel and air. Maybe if you mix with dirt or sand, you may get some fire suppression. Probably worth checking the building codes since once the plastic catches fire, bad things happen.
Like I said, it is interesting. Please post some design information if you have it.

21/01/2020 at 03:36

Yes, Fire hazard is definitely an issue with plastics. The bags will be encased within a lightweight concrete aggregate and structures will only be 1 floor.  There is a guy in my town with a machine to turn glass bottles into basically sand, maybe this could be an option?

Or to play it safe, install a home sprinkler system.


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