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Seasteading (making sustainable floating cities)

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Chris Canaday chriscanaday

Seasteading (making sustainable floating cities)

26/07/2018 at 14:18

Have Dave or other preciousplastickers heard of Seasteading, the idea of making sustainable, floating cities in the ocean? (Search for Seasteading and Blue-Frontiers on Google and Youtube.)

Negociations are on-going with French Polynesia to build the first Seastead there, first with a camp on land (not so different from Dave’s concept for Project Kamp).

To be as ecofriendly and sustainable as possible, it would be great to apply PreciousPlastic techniques, sift plastic trash out of the ocean, clean up beaches, collect all the locals’ unrecycled plastic trash, and build with it (in many cases mixing in sand to extend the plastic as much as possible).

It would be especially excellent to make:
–houses (floors, walls, roofs, pillars, etc.)
–paving bricks or direct paving
–Urine-diverting Dry Toilets (Wikipedia, inodoroseco.blogspot.com)
–those cute sunglasses that just came out
–20×20 meter floating platforms (!?)

Can you imagine:
–nets behind sailboats that filter out plastic without damaging fish and other wildlife?
–fixed buoys that filter out plastic using energy from waves?
–inexpensive, low-tech automaton sailboats that go around picking up plastic and come back to base when full … and that are so bulky and of such low monetary value that no one bothers to steal them?

Is anyone in this group already active in French Polynesia?
Is ConceptosPlásticos from Colombia in this group?

All ideas and collaborations would be very appreciated.


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