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Selling plastic back to plastic factories.

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Mai Mahmoud maimahmoud

Selling plastic back to plastic factories.

17/03/2018 at 21:59

I have an idea about makaing plastic beems and then we sell them to plastic factories where they can use insted of makaing new plastic.So,what do you think?

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25/03/2018 at 16:56

I am actually thinking about the same thing. I want to start small however and just recycle one type of plastic that requires minimal effort ie. plastics that don’t need to be cleaned like single use plastic water bottles. the less time, effort and material it takes to recycle a plastic into a form that can be used in industry the more competitive you will be. the plastic markets fluctuate with oil prices so the majority of the time companies do the cheap thing and buy new rather than the right thing and buy recycled.

Humans in general need to stop using single use anything, I feel this single use idea has been pushed upon us rather than it being a decision we’ve collectively made. In saying that I’d first start locally.

What companies in your area use recycled materials in their products?
What type of plastics do they use?
How much time and energy (electricity, transport etc..) is being expended to shred and extrude your recycled plastics?

Just some things to think about.

27/03/2018 at 13:21

I am afraid that the plastic industry is not really interested to buy recycled plastics, because a: they have no control about consistent quality, b: new plastic is cheap and they won’t have any problems with legislation.
If they are interested, pellets would be probably a better option than beams. The best way is to ask some companies around if they would buy recycled plastics. Then still, how much would you pay on electricity and transports to produce x kg of plastics and would you get enough money to pay yourself and your expenses?

28/03/2018 at 06:50

Plastic processing factories buy virgin material in pellets because they know the quality they will receive and expect. They typically only buy recycled materials in truckload quantities because it is cheap and they know it will be a pain to work with. Pellets is the defacto standard around the world how virgin plastics are created. Almost all machines are built to handle plastic in this manner.

Plastic prices in different forms are available on the internet. Some pricing can be regional or even based upon area (European, Asia-Pacific, Americas).

Also, plastic prices do not necessarily fluctuate with oil prices.
There are many other compounds, modifiers and plasticizers in plastics.
These are the items that cause price fluctuations.

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