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Sennheiser sound block

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zago zago

Sennheiser sound block

09/11/2014 at 13:54

I have a question for Sennheiser but it can be for all the community.Sennheiser is working about the sound block but I have a tip about this:As every phone has two buttons for adjust the volume your block will have the same buttons, but every time these buttons are very problematic because they are very breakable and spoil the design of the phone.So, in my opinion, the Phone will be useful and will look better if these buttons will be soft-touch not physical, in this way you can also put the buttons where you want (for instance on the back of the block or on the side) because they won’t give the slightest discomfort. Someone agrees with me?

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In reply to: Sennheiser sound block

10/11/2014 at 05:58

Thanks for your suggestion, zago! Coincidentally, we’ve created another thread on buttons. Perhaps, you may want to contribute some ideas there as well :)Here’s the link – https://community.phonebloks.com/forum/view_topic/22/2324/Sound-development/Three-tiny-buttons-so-many-possibilitiesCheers!Rosmadi

In reply to: Sennheiser sound block

23/11/2014 at 10:17

A soundblock with 2 switching audiojacks. i need line in or mic in and line out, how i feel. for a tablet or phone. i do many with musicapps and i need to record sounds from any other Hardware in my home. Other thing is record videos with my phone so i need extern mic or records from my mixer. Tablets or phones can be my portable studio with your know how of hardware. ps. creat would be the matching app to record and play the hardware. with integrated soundmeter to enter the right level for in and output. this could show by Blocks and db units. the gui should be customizable to make a real fat profi sound app 🙂 Please Sennheiser. Make it real with blocks. You are my man 🙂

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