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Separation by marking


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Jerry de Vos jerzeek

Separation by marking

06/04/2017 at 14:54

Hi everyone,
In a quest to find the best sorting methods I made multiple post on different ways of separating plastics.
In this post I will explain separation by marking.

This is by far the easiest method, and I would recommend by starting with this one. In Helmond we use 4 big bags for the most common plastics and then sort accordingly to the marking on the material. Everything that does not have a stamp goes into a separate big bag. With this you can already separate more than 60% of the plastics.

+ quick way to sort a lot of plastic
– Some products don’t have a material stamp on it

More pictures and info will follow

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In reply to: Separation by marking

19/07/2017 at 20:44

Great! And what do you do with the other plastics?

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