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Set Up – Indonesia

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Mitch Capelli mazorca

Set Up – Indonesia

19/09/2018 at 16:14

Hi all,

I am seeking some information in regards to set up costs for the necessary machinery. Also a list of necessary items to build each machine.

I own a business that donates 5% of profits to the removal of oceanic plastics and would like to start recycling plastic in the next 6months either in Padang or Bali.

Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated and any networking/collaboration would be great.

MAZORCA – Natures Brand

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In reply to: Set Up – Indonesia

04/10/2018 at 06:20

Hi Mitch,

I am from indonesia (jakarta), i want to join the project if you don’t mind. So many plastics waste around me, i want to build machines and start to recycling the plastics. Please contact me [email protected]. Thank you.


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