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Shredder alignment issues

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Olivier xxxolivierxxx

Shredder alignment issues

12/07/2016 at 22:07

I have my shredder almost ready, but I’m having lots of problems with the machine alignment.
If I leave the UCFL204 bearings loose, the hex-bar/knifes spin generally well, but as soon as I tighten the bearing screws, the whole thing jams.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

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15/07/2016 at 04:12

Hey @xxxolivierxxx maybe post some photo’s & some of us maybe able to spot the issue.

Having not built one my self yet thats the only suggestion I can give, sorry!

27/07/2016 at 20:56

hi @xxxolivierxxx yes same problem here. don’t tighten everything too much.

However our problem wasn’t when tightening the bearings, those are held only to the plate. We had the problem if we tightened too much the long screwed rods that go from side to side.
Initially we had those also on the other holes thinking that it would give the machine more rigidity, but that did tighten too much the machine so we switched all holes that don’t need a rod to be tighten only with normal bolts.

Also, if your bearings have a small screw that is used to tighten the shaft try this:
– release the small screw so that the shaft can move freely
– tighten the bearing to the plate
– see if the shaft can rotate or if it’s stuck
– if it can rotate, now tighten again the screw that secures the shaft

another thing that you can try is to make sure that the tops of the screws that hold the bearing to the plate, are well below the surface of the plate. We had this issue, even if the screw looked flat on the surface it was sticking out a few microns, enough to create the pressure that would tick or even block the shaft.
we had to sand the top of the screws so that they where well below the surface of the plate.
This last measure requires you to disassemble the machine, which I know can be annoying to do. We had many problems and we had to assemble and disassemble the machine already 4-5 times :/

hope this helps

ps. does your machine shred well or does it block from time to time or if you put too much plastic into it?

28/07/2016 at 09:29

@lyricalpolymath thanks for your response. Yes, I already checked all what you suggested and indeed, if I loosen the screws and the bearings the shaft spins freely, but I dont think it’s a good idea to leave a shredder with loose bolts and nuts.
Probably this is that Dave Hakkens refered to when he said that we needed to “align the machine” before soldering it. There’s really nothing you can align, except for how tight the nuts and bolts are.

28/07/2016 at 10:36

besides the 2 rods screws, you can tighten all of them as much as you want, they won’t affect how much the shredder is tight.
The 2 only screws that affect how tight the shredder is (at least in the one we have, are the 2 rods that hold the fixed cutting curved parts from side to side. If you tighten these too much, your shredder will get stuck.
all other screws, hold parts together but should not tighten the shredder to a point where you can’t rotate the shaft.

you don’t want too much compression. Alternatively you can use “stop bolts” (I don’t know the name: bolts that have a thin plastic piece on one side to make them harder to screw after a certain point.)
This will make the bearing, or other parts, stop form going out, but they will be also harder to tighten and assemble.

We used those at the beginning but went back to normal bolts since we had to assemble and disassemble the machine many times and these where a pain in the ass 🙂

18/08/2016 at 22:11

@lyricalpolymath “Tuercas de Seguridad”, o “Lock Nuts” en inglés 😉
I haven’t had a chance to continue working on the shredder yet, I’m mostly focused on the extruder at the moment, but will post my progress as soon as I fix the jamming problem.

And yes, I discovered in the hard way that lock nuts should not be used if you plan to screw/unscrew the nuts continuously.

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