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Shredder / Extrusion build in Catalonia/Spain

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Shredder / Extrusion build in Catalonia/Spain

15/06/2018 at 12:41

after spending now 4 weeks full time, I wanted to share our build and experiences.

Here first some requirements of the work station
– disposable design
– using standard tubes or bars only – , along an easy to extend metal frame/table, leaving space for automation and being able to install all 4 machines on one setup
– must run stable, 24/7
– scale-able: the motor/reducer must be able to run 2 shredders, and 2 extrusions
– movable with a car, for exhibitions
– safe and clear to use
– easy to manufacture components (drive shaft, couplings), reproducible by any classic machine shop, not more than a lathe, mill & CNC

– compression/injector not build/integrated yet
– extrusion build but not wired and tested yet

– parts, prices, overhead and details here in a sheet
build log (pictures for now only)

key performance indicators
build time: insane, we’ve made the couplings, drive shaft and extrusion our self
kw hours to produce & test: 180
used / new – ratio: 30/70
man power: 4 man weeks, full time
price – materials: 1400 Euro
price – labour: 1500 Euro (friend price)
real price: 3000 Euro (if used only new parts and market prices)
footprint – materials/labour: high
efficiency or production to produce this machine: 60%, 40% is lost for weird surprises

started addons
(not incl. above)
– pulley system for filements: 30 euro
– regulated water beds to make filaments: 100 Euro
– integrated washing: 100 euro
– vibrators for the sive: 20 euro
– coolers for the extrusion: 100 euro (absolutely needed to make good filament)
– different hopper with pusher: 20 euro
– another gearbox with standard gears for the extrusion: 100 euro
– water proof control panels: 20 euro

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15/06/2018 at 12:48

sorry, this forum software is crap as f** and real slap in the face, i corrected the formatting.

17/06/2018 at 01:40

Hi, I would like to know thw exactely size of the barrel 34x4x26 for example and the screw diameter, thank you.

17/06/2018 at 10:05

I love this adventurous setup! Looking forward to updates.

17/06/2018 at 18:32

barrel, cold rolled is 24.95
screw, self made, chromium: 24.70
so there is enough rest material left 🙂

i just did the first extrusion test: all burned, black liquid came out, i used mixed plastic, bottles, caps… luckily it’s easy to clean. looks like another 3-4 days of tuning. any one has tips for screw cleaning ? at the moment i just put it back in the lathe, spinned it up and burned down the plastic with the gas pistol and cleaned it with an old tshirt 🙁

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