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Shredder in Rimini, Italy

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Davide trite

Shredder in Rimini, Italy

19/12/2016 at 14:35

I spent a total of € 584.6. I used an engine that I had available, is single phase 1,6kw 2800 rpm combined with a 1/40 gear. He manages to chop all types of plastic, but without loading it too. advice to all future builders if possible to use a more powerful engine. I hope to find local companies interested in the chopped material, if not in the future also will build the extruder. In my small way I will do everything possible to safeguard the health of the earth, I am dad from a few days and this is a great reason to do it ❤️

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20/12/2016 at 00:26

Thanks for sharing @trite. Nice to hear your motivation. I moved your reply to a new topic.  We like to organise things made by the community 🙂

03/09/2017 at 20:32


I have a question and I hope yoou can help me.

how did you design this parts, I mean, be specific specifications of this two partes of the shredder and not just the long of the piece.

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