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Shredder machine with a mechanical system -bicycle

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Johan Nagles johannagles

Shredder machine with a mechanical system -bicycle

08/04/2018 at 19:25

Hello, I have researched about the power generated by a bicycle and would like to know WHAT IS THE MINIMUN POWER REQUIRED of the shredder system?
The power that is generated depends on the type of bicycle, an average rider
can generate 1/10 hp at 12 mph or 1/4 at 18 mph. In a 10 speed bicycle 1/6 hp can be produces at speed of 10 mph «Pedal Power In Work, Leisure and Transprotation»

Only with these data can the engine be replaced or is it necessary to calculate some other measure?

This project is going to be implemented in a community which does not have the electricity resources, for that reason i need ideas to use this system with a bicycle
Thanks a lot.

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17/04/2018 at 18:12

Welcome to Precious Plastic @johannagles and sorry for the late response
Yes, you can use a bicycle to power the shredder but in order to get the necessary torque, you need to reduce the RPMs a LOT and the shredder will end up spinning pretty slow.

Someone else around the forum already tried it, his approach might give you some inspiration 🙂

Human Power Shredder V2

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