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Shredder motor

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Farkas Otto wolfhunterhun

Shredder motor

20/08/2019 at 17:45

Hi guys!
I am having real trouble with finding the right motor for the shredder. Anybody has suggestion what these motors are usually used for (with gearbox as thats my main issue) normally? There are a lot is scrapyards but they have the complete machines usually for sale, so if I knew which type of machine to look out for I could make a good deal maybe.
Also if you can give advice regarding the gearboxes generally speaking what to look for if I buy the motor separately it would be great. Sorry for my english 🙂

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In reply to: Shredder motor

20/08/2019 at 20:12

The best solution we found is to buy a silent garden shredder, preferably 2nd hand. The motor is rated 2800W, single phase with gearbox and a resulting RPM of 42. Works well in my shredder. We are a couple of french people using this motor.
I got my garden shredder 2nd hand for 20 Euros (broke, but motor was good).
You recognise the good model at the square faceplate, like on the photo. For info, the shredder on the photo is sold new for 159 € in France.
Another good thing is that two of the fixations will perfectly align the axes.


In reply to: Shredder motor

21/08/2019 at 21:56

Wow awesome idea! I Will look out for these so I need the silent version with low rpm, not the others that spit wood chips. I Will check out the scrapyards 🙂

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