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Shredder motor and reductor

Silvan silverman

Shredder motor and reductor

22/03/2017 at 22:31

Hello everybody,

We are currently building our shredder-machine but we still have a lot to do.
The shredder part is done and assembled, the only thing we need to connect is
the motor. But we have our doubts if it’s going to work as since the RPM is
higher than the recommended of 70RPM.

We have a 3kW motor with 2860 RPM without a mating gearreductor. We only have a
independent reductor with a reduction-scale of 17,5 that would make our final
RPM 2860 : 17,5 = 163RPM (rounded) but I think that is to fast for shredding
plastics. In our scenario the shaft dimensions from the motor is 28mm and the
reductor smaller. So we should find a shaft coupling for that too. So I think
a fitted reductor would be better.

So my questions are:

1. How much can we differ from 70RPM?
2. Would 163RPM be a problem? I think it’s to fast!
3. Which gearreductor would fit our motor?

Specifications motor: http://f-part.com/2p.htm

Hopefully someone can help us and give insight into our project!


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