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Shredding without shredders

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Friedrich friedrich

Shredding without shredders

05/09/2018 at 11:41

Hey together,
I’am exploring which options are out there to make plastic chips without a shredder on a low budget. Aka what comes after scissors and before the current PP shredder.

The goal is to find a solution for people who want to get started with plastics but want to try out their idea first, before they later switch to invest time & money to make a real shredder. So the output/time should be better than hand- cutting in the first place, while offering a usefull chip-size for other machines to work with.

I started an experiment with a planer for wood yesterday (see image), similar to the one already referred in another topic: https://www.instructables.com/id/Low-Cost-Plastic-Shredder/

The problem about this concept is, that the plastic you want to recycle is propably relative thin, which leads to jamming the spindle (due its low-torque, high rpm configuration)

A Idea to continue with:
Heat the plastic in an oven and sinter/melt it together and press it after heating so its a solid plate which can be “shredded” with a planer/saw/mill very well – chip sizes depends on your tool specifications.

-> needs seperate energy, but can be a good start.


Other option is to make chips with a saw instead of a planer, although those chips are much smaller than those of a planer (see Image)


What do you think about those attempts? Did you try similar things?

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18/10/2018 at 04:59

looks the same as this topic

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